The Presentation Strategy

How to bring content to life

Alice eating sushi
When I order sushi they all look so very tasty. And I often fall into the trap of ordering (and eating) too much. A Japanese custom is to eat until you are 80% full. Which is one on one applicable to creating presentations.

Many speakers have difficulty choosing the right content for their presentation.

They are professionals with a lot of knowledge which is all important. The result is often a dense presentation. The main message stays hidden beneath a huge pile of content. And the audience leaves the room puzzled and disappointed.

The allotted time to give a presentation is getting shorter and shorter. So it becomes even more urgent to pick the right content. But how do you do that? How do you build a presentation that contains precisely the right information to engage and convince your audience?

The Presentation Strategy live online training

A presentation is not just a compilation of all the information available. In fact, all the elements are carefully chosen and put together. Learn a strategy to build presentations that are vivid and solid as a rock.

In this trainingcourse you will learn why presentations fail. You will get the strategy to compose compact yet complete presentations. But above all a strategy with which each of your presentations will be unique.

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What to expect from the course

Making content come to live
Some speakers think their content is boring. And with that mindset their presentation is often indeed boring. But there is a way to make seemingly boring content come to live. It all has to do with strategy. A clear strategy for building a presentation gives way to combine content with a touch of vibrance. After experiencing that strategy no-one will ever say that their content is boring.

A live online course
Most online courses are selfstudy courses. But, we all make mistakes, especially when learning new skills. With a do it yourself course you never know where you take the wrong turn. In this live course you get personal guidance so you can detect and immediately fix any mistakes before going further.

Building a visual presentation
Most speakers are experts. The are up to their ears in knowledge and facts. But after a few minutes of facts the audience gets tired. An that's exactly when you need to make an image in the heads of your listeners. So they can see what you mean.


This is what you will learn

What do you want to achieve with your presentation?

  • Ultra small steps: the philosophy behind completing the task of preparing a presentation
  • Why you don't start with writing text on slides
  • How to break the usual pattern with a new perspective on presentating

Brainstorming and outlining

  • A big pile of information and how to pick exactly the right content for your presentation
  • How to write a sticky core message
  • How to come up with creative ideas even if you think you are not a creative person
  • The exact moment to incorporate questions in your talk and why that's so critical
  • Why the beginning of your presentation needs movement and how you continue the rollarcoaster throughout the presentation

How to bring your presentation to life in words and visually

  • Logic: how to make it more vivid
  • How to create a STAR moment
  • Why speaking more visually will double the chances that the audience gets what you mean
  • How to create professional and vibrant slides even if you are not a PowerPoint specialist
  • The main 5 structure slides: how they will escort your audience

Presenting with confidence: a good story and the right circumstances

  • How to set up the (online) stage
  • The three event stages: and how a speaker uses each stage to his advantage
  • Moving consciously: why not to walk up and down the stage
  • A back up plan. What to do when you get less speaking time? Or there is no sound?
Next level

But what if you are already a seasoned speaker? Should you attend this course?

You are a professional with a lot of specialised knowledge. You already feel comfortable in front of an audience. And your presentations go easy. So why on earth should you attend this online training?

Chances are that, despite the ease of performing, you experience a feeling that there is more to accomplish with your presentations. That you notice a certain routine slipped in. And that you need a hand, because it's not going to be a matter of performance to reach the next level in your presenting skills.

Is online training the right setting?

Part of non-verbal communication is lost online. That's true. But performance isn't the main issue. The construction of the presentation will be the centre of attention. With a firmly constructed presentation you will be more convincing and your delivery will follow naturally.

I am amazed with the direction and flow of my presentations now.
Joe Stephenson, Director, Digital Intelligence at Intertel
This was one of the most comprehensive trainings I have ever received

And it has been invaluable in the development of both the visual aspects of my presentations, as well as my stage delivery.
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I have a whole new way of presenting
Christina Fiscella, SIU Investigator Large Property Loss at USAA
Although I've been speaking professionally for many years, presenting in TED-style was totally new to me. What I liked about the training, was the whole process of creating building the talk.
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    Test Drive Guarantee

    I can imagine that you want to see for yourself what you're getting into. So, when you click the button at the bottom of this page you take a first step.

    We plan a free test drive.

    We meet in the digital environment where the course takes place. You will get a short impression of the modules, some practical information and you can ask questions. That way you experience the look and feel of the course. 

    Only when the testdrive was succesful and we both agree upon working together, we set the date for the first session. 



    What's unique about the course?

    This course will keep you focussed

    Other courses show you the in's and out's of presenting. And while that is good, there is often a crucial part missing. A presentation starts with content. Putting in more and more content is a constantly luring danger. Before you know it you can't see the woods for the trees. 

    So how focussed is focussed?

    From the very minute you start the course you'll have a watchdog on your tail. It will prevent you from putting in unnecessary fillers and will constantly point out the core of the message you chose. So that you stay on track in order to keep your audience from losing interest.

    Isn't that annoying, a watchdog looking over your shoulder all the time?

    Off course it is. But it's for your own good. You want to communicate a clear message and not overloading your audience with information.

    Sweet watchdog
    Not to worry, this watchdog is strict but sweet.


    5 live online trainingsessions and a dry-run

    In 5 weekly sessions of 2 hours you will walk through every stage of building a presentation. You will start off with the outline and gradually dress up your presentation. The training ends with a dry-run wherein you perform your presentation and make the final adjustments.


    After each session you'll receive a PDF document that contains the information and assignments of that week. 

    PowerPoint re-design

    In module 4 of the course we will cover slidedesign. You will learn how to visualise your content. Building a nice slidedeck can be quite intimidating and also time consuming. Therefore near the end of the course you submit your slidedeck for a re-design. In a one-hour session you will get specific feedback on your slidedeck and will you take the deck one step further to make it look super professional.

    The Presentation Strategy Course
    6 live online trainingsessions
    Notes (PDF)
    PowerPoint re-design (value €450)
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