I am amazed with the direction and flow of my presentations now.

This was one of the most comprehensive trainings I have ever received

And it has been invaluable in the development of both the visual aspects of my presentations, as well as my stage delivery.  I can't believe that I was able to perform as well as I did before this experience.

I am amazed with the direction and flow of my presentations now.  This training helped me focus on the important messages, filtering out the unnecessary filler and understanding how the audience is perceiving the message.  It is very easy now to recognize where your audience may lose interest, and how to keep them engaged.  More importantly though, as a result of using the various techniques in building the visual presentation, the unintended consequence has been an overall improvement in my delivery on stage.  I have easily moved up a level, just from simply understanding how to craft the visuals.  I can't express enough gratitude to Pauline for her helping me go from an intermediate speaker to a skilled presenter.

While the techniques were an important part of the overall training, what was especially invaluable was Pauline's ability to help you recognize how to keep focused on your message and the ideas you were truly trying to project.  Anyone can read an article or watch a YouTube video about presentations techniques, but a coach like Pauline is invaluable in helping you understand the nuances of this craft.  Her guidance and instruction was by far the most valuable aspect of this training.

Regardless of your presentation skills, this is a must have training.  From corporate trainers to sales executives, this is an invaluable lesson for you to learn.  You will absolutely take away information that will increase your skill level, comfortability presenting to people, and delivery of your thoughts and ideas.

As someone who would have considered themselves a seasoned speaker and experienced presenter before this training, it was humbling to see how much I didn't know.  As with any subject matter, there will always be new techniques to learn, and having a skilled professional such as Pauline to help you navigate and learn is immeasurable. I am better because of this training and Pauline, and for that I am truly thankful.

Joe Stephenson
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Joe Stephenson

Director, Digital Intelligence at Intertel